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Hello, I'm moonove. A one man musical project started in 2001. Ex-member (but still watching) of the "demoscene" sub-culture club.I make music in IDM, Ambient and Chill-out genre with a special attraction for demos or videogames remixes.

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Why was « Ultimate Sound tracker » successful?

May. 1, 2022
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The arrival of soundtracker have totally changed the game by the 80's. Let's understand why.

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Mar. 23, 2022
moonove · 2022 - Moonove - The Sentinel Remix


I've been a fan of this game since i was a child on my Atari ST. I can't explain why but in the "Sentinel" world you feel chased, spied, looking for a place to hide. You know that the sentinel is here... watching you. With no doubt you feel the pressure in this game.

The original music (not really a music) is made of a few notes that i recreated using Plogue Chipsounds). I was sure these few notes would deserve something else.

If you wanna try this game on some recent computer you may find some new versions of The sentinel : Zenith or Augmentinel.

Check out the wikipedia page about this game

Listen to my YouTube version.