You've ever wanted to know how and when "demoscene music" was born? This is the right place

As an old demoscene musician i've followed the evolution of music creation process in the demoscene. These articles are based on my own experience throughout the years i spent in the demoscene. I also gathered a lot of different sources, that i mention as much as i could. This content is intended for the old-timers but also for the ones who are discovering the demoscene.

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Why was « Ultimate Sound tracker » successful?

May. 1, 2022
2 mins

The arrival of soundtracker have totally changed the game by the 80's. Let's understand why.

The soundtracker revolution

Apr. 18, 2022
6 mins

1987, Karsten Obarski, a Rainbow Arts studio employee wanted to go further in terms of audio quality and wanted to introduce something new in music composition.

The 80's personal computing

Apr. 16, 2022
4 mins

The 80's are definitly one of the most important periods in "computer music". This is also the moment the "demoscene" started.

The Arcade years

Apr. 11, 2022
4 mins

Do you remember the hours we've spent (and our money) in the Arcades playing games like Shinobi, Golden Axe, Space invaders and many others? This is where everything started.

Return to genesis

Mar. 27, 2022
3 mins

"Computer generated music" started more than 70 years ago... But not really in the way you think. Let's jump back in 1951.

When it all started?

Feb. 21, 2022
2 mins

When did demoscene music started ? Let's go back 50 years ago when the computers were just "simple machines".