Hello, i am a french musician. I've been part of some famous "demoscene" groups from early 90's to the 2000. I was a member of Eko, Bomb!, Level D, Nomad, Ribbon, Scoopex... and many others. I mostly used the Atari ST, Commodore Amiga and the PC to make demo-music. I had different nicknames like Djam or Keio. Moonove is my name since 2001.


I started playing piano in 1984 when I was at school. I learnt guitar at the college and singing lessons a few years later.

I had an Atari 520 Stf in 1985 but i had to wait the early 90’s to start using Ultimate Soundtracker on an Atari 1040 STe. I later gave a chance to Screamtracker 3 but finally ended up on Fasttracker 2 for which i bought a Gravis ultrasound (the best soundcard at the moment).

My demoscene career started in 1992 when i met Maxx-out and E.T at the university to participate to the very first Atari Falcon dentro '36.000 Dots'. I remember that as "Atari official developpers" we had a chance to get a Falcon before it was even distributed in France. We sent this dentro to Atari who decided to put it in the Falcon France "starter pack". The group was named “No Way” which became EKO (Extremely Kriminal Organization) or Kreative it depends who you talk to.

EKO released 4 demos and a videogame that really made a part of French Atari Falcon demoscene history.

I also made the musics for 3 videogames "H20", “Moonspeeder aka Moongames” a space race and “Kaan the Barbarian”.

You can get more information about Eko's productions here

Unfortunately, in the following years the Atari Falcon became less and less famous and the Amiga more popular. Most of the demoscene moved to this new platform, I then bought an Amiga 1200 in 1993 using Protracker. I was still making music for established demogroups but also for newcomers.

I then met the PC demoscene in 1994 with Fastracker and quickly Fasttracker 2. I remember reaching the #1st place at the fast music compo at the “Wired 96” demoparty held in Belgium.

From 1996 to 2000 i also been part with my friends Alexel and Wataru of “Sunlikamelo-d” netlabel. I was also driving with my friend Knos “noerror.org”. A demoscene / netlabels music news website. I was also part of the organisation of the "LTP" and the "State of the Arts" demoparties.

Retired now, but still involved in the demoscene, i keep an eye on it and i still making music for fun.

I especially like making some remixes of Demo and Videogames music. You can check this out on my YouTube channel or browsing my music archive.

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