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Hello, I'm moonove. A one man musical project started in 2001. Ex-member (but still watching) of the "demoscene" sub-culture club.I make music in IDM, Ambient and Chill-out genre with a special attraction for demos or videogames remixes.

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Mods Anthology

June. 7, 2022
2 mins

Mods Anthology is the greatest modules compilation ever. Issued in 1996 you may find all the modules, chip, sids... released between the early beginnings of the demoscene till the mid 90's.

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Mar. 23, 2022
sentinel remix image
moonove · 2022 - Moonove - The Sentinel Remix


I've been a fan of this game since i was a child on my Atari ST. I can't explain why but in the "Sentinel" world you feel chased, spied, looking for a place to hide. You know that the sentinel is here... watching you. With no doubt you feel the pressure in this game.

The original music (not really a music) is made of a few notes that i recreated using Plogue Chipsounds). I was sure these few notes would deserve something else.

If you wanna try this game on some recent computer you may find some new versions of The sentinel : Zenith or Augmentinel.

Check out the wikipedia page about this game

Listen to my YouTube version.