Reynald “moonove” Deliens (born 25 November 1971) is a french musician. He’d been part of demoscene groups like Eko, Kloon, Bomb! or Scoopex. He used several nicknames like Djam or Keio


Music if the best way of expression for me. When you cannot say anything. Say it in music.


Started playing piano in 1984.

He had an Atari 520 Stf in 1985 but he had to wait the early 90’s to start using Protracker on a 1040 STe.

At the univeristy (1992) he met Maxx-out and E.T and participated to the first Falcon dentro (36000 dots) in the group called “No Way” which became “EKO”. Eko released 4 demos that really made a part of French Atari Falcon history. In the following years the Amiga became more and more famous. He then decided to move to this platform.

Bought an Amiga 1200 in 1993 and then started to work with a lot of newcomers groups.

He also met the PC demoscene in 1994 with Fastracker 2 which changed his way of composing. Reached the #1st place at the fast music compo at the “Wired 96” demoparty held in Belgium.

From 1996 to 2000 he also build with his friends Alexel and Wataru “Sunlikamelo-d” netlabel. Been part too of groups like Scoopex & Bomb!

He was part of the organisation of the LTP and the State of the Arts.

Retired, but still involved in the demoscene, he now keeps on making music for fun.

Other projects

  • Moonove is part of the “Demovibes Live” event with his pal Willbe. He played at the VIP, The Main Party and Demo in Paris 3.
  • For the “Demo in Paris 2” he gave a speech regarding the story of the music in the demoscene.
  • He was also one of the 2 leaders with his friend Knos of “” one of the most famous demoscene music news webportal.
  • He’s part of the “French Collective”. A gather of French demoscene musicians (Med, Alkama, Oxbow, Alexel, GiovanniB, Willbe, KAneel, Maf, ChrisCB).
  • He was part of the LTP organisation.


  • State of the arts / Lille
  • VIP demoparty / Lyon
  • Demo in paris live / Paris
  • Demo in paris 2 / Paris
  • Demo in Paris 3 (Live at the Batofar) / Paris
  • DemoJS 2013 / Paris
  • Agence Tous Geeks – Radio event / Paris
  • Live at Extreme Sensio / Paris

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