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    A tiny crack music that gave me chills 20 years ago

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    State of the Arts 2002

    Discover a very old release. I played live at the State of the Arts in 2002. Read the "post". It worth it !

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Happy new year 2013

What else to say :) Happy new year to you all music lovers.

I’ve been really silent for the following months. Life come and goes but i still have things to “play”. I’ve even loaded the last version of Ableton live ;). Anywasy still looking for Bitwig studio.

Anyway. I really wish you all a really happy 2013.


Ici et maintenant vol 2. Featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel

Last week we’ve recorded another episode of “Ici et maintenant” show featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel to discuss about the main and most important musics that made “demoscene history”.

Audiomonster speaks about his experience in the demoscene and videogame industry.

We took some of the most famous demoscene music to illustrate how music evolved and how musicians influenced the demos.

French only sorry.

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Mods anthology – Last copies – Do not miss

Who have never heard of mods anthology. The largest collection of music that is never released on the demoscene. This collection took Nicolas “Gryzor” Franck 7 years to put together. It is a 4-CD set, crammed full of music from the peak of the creativity that was the “tracker scene”. All the best composers from the tracking scene are here, presenting their complete works on this titanic collection. There are a total of 18,096 modules!!

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Moonove on the radio

Hi my friends. A quick note to tell you that i’m gonna be on the “ici et maintenant” radio this saturday (french radio). You can follow the whole event from 16h to 17.30 (Paris Time) by pointing your radio to 95.2 FM.

The main subject of this event will the the “Electronic music” but a lot of beside subjects are gonna be discussed like history of electronic music, where does it come from, main artists…) from demomakers to jean michel jarre, to videogames… A lot of things to say ;).

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Moonove visual identity and logo

I must thanks my friend Antho who made all the visual package for my moonove project. I’ve never had a dedicated logo and/or visual identity that i could share with my friends and use for any communication. I then asked to my old pal Anto who used to be a demoscener on Amiga and who’s now in the design business. He got his own business and is specialized in websites, design and many others things. You can check the agency here.

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Demo in Paris Live – The interviews (Moonove, Chandra, Kaneel, Doug)

While the “Demo In Paris Live” event. Thomas Ledoux from an independant radio (Ici et maintenant 95.2FM in France) interviewed a few of us. Chandra and Me, Kaneel and Douglas in order to know a little bit more about the demoscene. What does it mean, how does it work…We also talked a little bit of history.

You can watch this interview in French Only for the moment.

Don’t pay attention to some sentences.

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