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    A tiny crack music that gave me chills 20 years ago

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  • LIVE

    State of the Arts 2002

    Discover a very old release. I played live at the State of the Arts in 2002. Read the "post". It worth it !

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57 – Autumn EP

Autumn has come in town.

Those changings in the colors of the sky, in the nature, even on the faces of the people i meet everyday. I can even see that in the dew in the very morning.

The weather also changes. Everybody is hidden behind scarfs and big coats.

That’s what inspired me for those 3 tracks.Just consider this release as a personnal feeling or point of view of this wonderful and cold season.

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55 – “Virtual Escape” credit part remix


This is my new remix of the Virtual Escape credit part demo.

This demo had been released in 1999 on Atari St. You all know that i’m fond of this machine and crazy about things that have been done on it.

A few month ago i decided to remix this great tune and giving a new look to those awesome starfield that i’ve always loved (yeah that’s my favourite effect :p With glenz Vectors)

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Mods anthology

Who (sceners) did not hear about this wonderful compilation born in 1996 ?.I could not help writing a little word about this “major” demoscene release.

Of course, young scener may never heard about thisA man named Nicolas Franck (Gryzor) spent 7 years of his life to put together most well not really.

Let’s say “ALL” the composers set from all the world. This compilation comes in a 4-CD set. This huge compilation gathers a total of 18 000 modules (readable under ms-dos, win, mac, unix, AmigaDOS) in all the known formats (MODs – FT1 – S3M – XM – MTM – IT – Amiga Synthetics).

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54 – Squeezed demo soundtrack remixed

The squeezed demo had been a cooperation between Bomb! and Nomad released in 1998 and had been ranked #1 at the LTP 1998 in France. (you can download the original version on pouet.net).

It’s almost 11 years since this demo had been released and i wanted to give the musics a new breath.This demo had been so famous that some people are still speaking about it to me. I then remixed 2 of the tunes that illustrates this demo. Valley and Kuu.

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