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Wow. I thought that this game was burried for ever and finally this is what i found that on the web.

The test of this videogame i made the tracks in 1994.

This game was released on Atari Falcon.Sorry all the press release is in french but i can resume the most important points 🙂

The scene takes place in year 2117. You are Damon Schumberger. You’ve been injured in a crazy accident and you cannot walk anymore. There’s a kinda big universale race on Mars… This is the brief :).

Let’s check some technical aspects of the game. (Be careful you’ve never seen that before).

– Resolution : 320 / 200 px in True color.
– A 36 Mhz acceleration speed card is recommended.
– The game is on 5 hd floppy disks (7Mo wow).
– Stereo sounds and 44Khz replay (i made 10 or 12 tracks).
– There are 3d objects and even some shadows under the objects
– You can play with keyboard of Joystick
– You can race on 30 different tracks.
– Unbeleivable animation, smooth.

The Price between 350 and 400 F (old French currency).

Now it could be between 50 and 60 euros.It sounds very funny now and really oldschool but beleive me… This game was one of the most powerful at this moment.

Someone even posted a Video on Youtube. Have fun 🙂


If you still own a Falcon you can get the full game here :

or there

It’s quite fun to notice that this game had 2 different names. Dunno why.

Update : (February 2011)

I’ve received this project which is an adaptation, on Falcon too of Moonspeeder.
Update : (November 2011)

A lot of you asked me for the original mods, finally i found them back from an old floppy disk :). You can grab’em all. The musics are in .mod format. You can play them with Modplugtracker on PC and CocomodX on Osx. Have fun !

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