Moonove – Live at the State of the Arts 2002

Incredible. I was looking in my very old cd’s and dvd’s for some good old mp3 and what i found ! The live i made in 2002 for the State of the Art party held in Tourcoing (north of France). You know what. I alwasys thouht i never had any backup of the gig.

Let me tell you how all these gig happened.

At this moment i was using Logic Audio to make music. Ableton live did not exist yet. One of the organizer of this party asked me if i’d like to play live. “Of course” i replied….

But it was one of the first time i was playing live and had no clue on “how to mix”  my musics in a single “longplay”.

Beleive it or not. I directly played in Logic audio play on my computer (cross the fingers that the computer do not freeze because at this time the VST’s were really unstable in Logic; Especially “Reaktor”) and i also played the keyboard at the same time. Each time i had to switch from a tune to another i had to close, browse and load in Logic. So imagine the “silence” phases between 2 tunes :). It could not be possible today ;).

I have a really good memory of this moment 🙂

Well enjoy this piece of history ! No mix, No effects…. Just the RAW files put together for your ears !

A little word to tell you that a few month ago before this live, Vincent, one of my friend passed out. Demosceners better know him under the nick “Vodka”. The last part of this live is dedicated to him.

My good old friend Alexel had a cam recorder and shot me for a few seconds.

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