Intense with you


Just released this music….

Aerial, sweet, soft, lush and fragile….

Until now i’ve received a lot of really positive feedbacks. Spread the word if you like it…

YouTube Preview Image

Download the mp3 version (320 Kbps)

Someone made a “demoscene” stylish video featuring “intense”.

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From Twitter :



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  1. SaphirJD says:

    Finally a new wonderful track made by you, i missed your style already :)

    Great work as usual, wish you a productive year :)

    • moonove says: (Author)

      Thank you dude. You know. Music is just a question of inspiration and feeling… When i’m not in the right mood… Nothing comes out… It took me almost 1 year…

  2. fred box says:

    Light and magic mood… something soft in this violent world.
    Very deep and nice music. I really Enjoyed.

    • moonove says: (Author)

      Thank you very much fred. it really warms my heart.
      When someone inspires and shows you the way to create…

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