Sploder games

I know that some of you are coming here via Sploder.com website. A “DIY” Flash game platform. A lot of my musics have been used by players as Background Music for their games. If you wanna download more of these musics check out this URL. This a direct link to a FTP.

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Kaan the barbarian OST

It’s really funny. I was surfing on YouTube and i found this videogame for which i made the musics. It’s quite funny to hear that now :) It was in 2002.

I have rather mixed memories of achieving soundtrack of this game;). I have done more than 31 music in 3 months. At that time I was working already in full tim web agency. I was then making only music in the evening.

The music has been made ​​using Logic Audio 5.5.1. Sounds from a Korg Triton EXB PCM02 Expansion Card: Studio Essentials for all orchestral sounds.

You can download the whole bunch of musics by clicking here. Be careful. They are in .mod format made on Amiga. Your player may not replay it correctly. You’d better use deliplayer or Fmod.

You can also listen to the musics on a dedicated youtube Channel


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Ici et maintenant vol 2. Featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel

Last week we’ve recorded another episode of “Ici et maintenant” show featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel to discuss about the main and most important musics that made “demoscene history”.

Audiomonster speaks about his experience in the demoscene and videogame industry.

We took some of the most famous demoscene music to illustrate how music evolved and how musicians influenced the demos.

French only sorry.

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Sploder games

I’ve noticed that many of you come on my website via “sploder”. I know they’ve been using some of my musics in their games. If you are looking for the musics i recommend you to directly check my directory here of old modules.

You may need Winamp or a specific module player to replay them. These musics were made on Amiga an Atari a looooooong time ago :). They were called “soundchip”.

Moongame – Moonspeeder

Wow. I thought that this game was burried for ever and finally this is what i found that on the web.

The test of this videogame i made the tracks in 1994.

This game was released on Atari Falcon.Sorry all the press release is in french but i can resume the most important points :)

The scene takes place in year 2117. You are Damon Schumberger. You’ve been injured in a crazy accident and you cannot walk anymore. There’s a kinda big universale race on Mars… This is the brief :).

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