59 – Veeren

Good evening my friends.

The music you’re about to hear had been inspired to me by the landscapes i see every morning on my way to work.

Actually, i’m taking the train for 30 mins every day, crossing forests, passing by the “charles de gaulle” airport and then seeing lots of planes taking off. By approaching paris the landscape changes. Trees and fields turns to building, drawings on the walls but also the sun which fades behind those sckycrappers.

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58 – Anteanen

A few month ago i bought the new ipod 5g.

Till now i did not really paid attention to its capabilities.2 days ago while i was driving i decided to test the built in camera.Let me tell you the situation.I’m around 90Km/h, it’s almost 18h. In france the night is almost there.

I hold the Ipod on my side windows and click on -record-.Some editing had been done using After E. The music is original and made by me.

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PC demoscene memories

While i was surfing on youtube. I found some demos in which in was involved.It’s still fun and quite strange to hear tracks i made 10 years ago :).

It was the golden years of demomaking on PC and Amiga. Oh yes i kept on making music for years on my Amiga 1200.

I turned on Fasttracker quite late when i had my great and powerful Pentium 90 :p.

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