63 – Winter

This winter I made some photos of lakes that are around where I live.

These are the lakes of the White Queen Castle .

Best known as the “Etangs de Comelles”. It is said that the castle is next to the lake is haunted by the White Queen.This winter much snow fell which is quite rare.

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62 – Hole

As you may know I am a pure fan of ambient music.

And it is curious to see how my environment inspires me also.This weekend, I looked out the window and I saw these clouds to go away but at the same time the sun went down it gave a strange sensation.

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Demovibes vol.1, 2, 3

As you may know me and willbe performed for 2 times (the third one was only me) for the VIP in July 2008 in Lyon, the Main demoparty in october 2008 and finally while the Demo In paris 2nd edition.

I thought it was time now to focus on those 3 releases that i consider really important to me.The principle is very simple. We revisited some of the most famous themes composed in Amiga and PC demos.

To each buddy his favorite style : while Willbe did remix well-known 2000’s newskool classics from Little Bitchard, Dune and KB… Moonove gave his vision of the early 90’s oldschool era, exploring the music of Jogeir, Nuke, Moby and so many others.For the first edition we had the support of Viktor Furiani who provided the psychedelic VJing during the concert.

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61 – Sid Remixes Vol 2

There it is. Finally the second bunch of original sid remixes.

I received so many positive feedbacks about the first volume that you can still load that i so decided to make another one.

This time, you can consider this one like a tribute to Rob Hubbard. All the tracks are originally from him (expect Thanatos from Julian Breeze and Rob Hubbard).The musics i’ve remixed are :

Ace 2 (Robot mix) ( youtube )

Commando (Hall of fame part) ( youtube )

Delta ( youtube )

Goldrunner ( youtube)

Thanatos ( youtube )

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