Pluie de Juin

Oh god, it’s just crazy how the weather is bad here in France. We are in June and it’s still raining like we are in november. Anyway this is an opportunity to record some sounds. I always have my hand recorder (soy pcm d50) next to me to capture some moments. I then put it on the windows and recorded the rain falling. Turn the volume up and close your eyes

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Live at the State of the Arts 2002

I found this video on an old HD i was about to erase. It’s so funny to hear the music and wathcing me playing :).

I remember that i as using Logic Audio on PC. I was quite a nightmare because the VST were not really constant. While my rehersals my PC was crashing regularly. So, between every music i had to close the project, load another one and praying that everything goes well.

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67 – Rain

A few days ago that, a terrible storm fell in the vicinity. It was 2 o’clock in the morning when I was awakened by the thunder.
The sound was awesome and the rain that fell was a slight noise. I recorded it all. At night, the rain …
all this inspired me this little gimmick.

It’s not reallymusic, but rather a mood, a feeling …

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