Amiga history – Very hard

Very Hard is a show about the hardware of computers and game consoles of yesteryear, co-produced by the channel Nolife and MO5.COM association. Every 15 days, our historians and experts to unearth you information about your favorite little known machines. Very hard, the program that speaks Hard while remaining soft!

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monove – disko EP

Hi dudes. I’d like to share with you my new release packed in a 4 tracks ep. Continuing in my oldschool and basic synths sounds mood. You may feel from time to time some influences from those demoscene classics.But after all you’ll feel the power of the beat driving you in different ways and difference […]

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moonove – C64 games remixed

Commando – Main theme Remix [youtube][/youtube] Delta remix V2 [youtube][/youtube] Turrican 2 – Level 1 remix [youtube][/youtube] Atari St Virtual Escape v2 [youtube][/youtube] Echoing remix [youtube][/youtube] Download the mP3 versions of Demovibes 4 (30 Mo)

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