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I’ve noticed that many of you come on my website via “sploder”. I know they’ve been using some of my musics in their games. If you are looking for the musics i recommend you to directly check my directory here of old modules.

You may need Winamp or a specific module player to replay them. These musics were made on Amiga an Atari a looooooong time ago :). They were called “soundchip”.

Delta Remix

A few month ago i remixed a music named “delta” which was originally made by Rob hubbard. I originally put this music into some other remixes from great Atari tunes (SID Remixes vol 2).

A few months ago this music was on a CD and is now also hosted in some free music websites. A few weeks ago. LTR asked me if he could remix my music. I of course agreed (music in general for me have to be remixed, spread and shared).

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68 – Earth

This tune is my contribution to the demoscene.fr united musicdisk. This is a huge compilation of the still active musicians from the demoscene golden years. Feel free to download the whole package here.

As usual this tune have been inspired by watching the nature around me. In France this is a strange moment, we’re in July and it’s raining… While walking in the forest the smell of the wet earth, the noise of the leaves moving in the wind, the color os the sky, and the sounds of the branches…

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67 – Rain

A few days ago that, a terrible storm fell in the vicinity. It was 2 o’clock in the morning when I was awakened by the thunder.
The sound was awesome and the rain that fell was a slight noise. I recorded it all. At night, the rain …
all this inspired me this little gimmick.

It’s not reallymusic, but rather a mood, a feeling …

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66 – Backwards

“Backwards” takes insirations in everyday’s sounds and life activity noises.

Syncopated rythm and a deep basse draws the line.

Addictive “rainy” melodies ventilates and elaborate complex landscapes.

Some memories may come back to you and this 2000’s era “electronic” style music will drive you somewhere else.

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