Delta Moonove – Free Music Archive – Seed 64 version

A lot of people are asking me about the Delta music. Originally this music was remixed only for the “Seed 64” CD compilation which contains a lot of the most Famous Commodore 64 tunes.

This music have been used thousand times for illustrating videos on youtube since it’s freely downloadable on Seed 64. This music have also been remixed by LTR. You can find some of his stuff on Youtube too. It has also became a Minecraft background music.

If you want to download the original version you can visit  or you can check out this previous post : Sid Remixes in which i remixed some of the most famous c64 tunes.

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Kaan the barbarian OST

It’s really funny. I was surfing on YouTube and i found this videogame for which i made the musics. It’s quite funny to hear that now :) It was in 2002.

I have rather mixed memories of achieving soundtrack of this game;). I have done more than 31 music in 3 months. At that time I was working already in full tim web agency. I was then making only music in the evening.

The music has been made ​​using Logic Audio 5.5.1. Sounds from a Korg Triton EXB PCM02 Expansion Card: Studio Essentials for all orchestral sounds.

You can download the whole bunch of musics by clicking here. Be careful. They are in .mod format made on Amiga. Your player may not replay it correctly. You’d better use deliplayer or Fmod.

You can also listen to the musics on a dedicated youtube Channel


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Mods anthology – Last copies – Do not miss

Who have never heard of mods anthology. The largest collection of music that is never released on the demoscene. This collection took Nicolas “Gryzor” Franck 7 years to put together. It is a 4-CD set, crammed full of music from the peak of the creativity that was the “tracker scene”. All the best composers from the tracking scene are here, presenting their complete works on this titanic collection. There are a total of 18,096 modules!!

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Moonove – Live at the Batofar

I spent a really great night. I saw a lot of people. Including Chandra, Made, Skal, Senser… I had fun watching and Knos/Kaneel play their set. Alkama, for a first delivery in front of an audience really made the show and turned the audience really hot. I also discovered Ultrasyd Spintronic and who were really amazing and put the fire on.

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Demo in paris 3 – Moonove live

I’ve been asked to play at the next event of the “demo in paris #3”. You can still have a look at the previous event which was in 2009. At this time i played a version of “demovibes” live. Willbe (unfortunately) wasn’t there so i made some fresh new “amiga” and “atari” music remixes.

For this new event i’ll make some new stuff and less demoscene oriented. For sure i’ll use some “chippy” sounds but most of the musics will be original (no remixes). I’ve also asked to some of my friends to play with me. Alkama will play some of his great “housey/minimal” music. Knos VS Kaneel  performance will mix some Kaneel’s idm music with the wonderful VJ’ing of Knos.

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