Something is coming in October 2015.

We’ve been reunited for a last production. Me and other members of sunlikamelo-d¬†decided to make a last SLKMD production. It’s been almost 10 years we’ve been silent. Life and things have moved on. We’re now all old and wise ;).

Come back here soon for more informations.

ES – Tracks – January the 25th 2014

Updated : I’ve been invited to play live here at this private event. The place was amazing and he reigned such a creative atmosphere. Many designers were present to implement this beautiful mural on the entire premises. I have not yet finished mixing the songs I played tonight. But it will be ready in a few days. In the meantime look at this beautiful patchwork;)

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Moonove – Earth

This is typically the kind of music I love to do. I’m starting first by recording sounds outside on a rainy day. Then the sounds inspires me … First, i play on my keyboard and finds 2 guitar chords that works … Then a few layers, I add a things here and there … I’m listening … It works. I honed with a single line of battery evoking a branch rubbing against a wall … A little bit of mixing… it’s 2AM… Let it roll.. I works..

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