Paranoimia remix

When i was a kid i first had an Atari 520 STf (yeah F is for single side floppy disk ;). I then had a 1040 and then an Amiga. It was in 1989 i think and i still perfectly remember how i listened to this music. I was in one of my school friends bedroom. Looking at some Amiga demos when he suddenly put this floppy and this music just went out of the computer.

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Djamm – Kool Groove

To be honest i’ve almost forgotten all the releases i made since early 90’s. I’ve been making music for all sorts of computers since then. Atari, Amiga, PC, Archimedes…

It’s always a really good surprise when i’m featured on a very interesting Youtube Channel which deep dives in the Demoscene archives :)

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Sploder games

I know that some of you are coming here via website. A “DIY” Flash game platform. A lot of my musics have been used by players as Background Music for their games. If you wanna download more of these musics check out this URL. This a direct link to a FTP.

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Pluie de Juin

Oh god, it’s just crazy how the weather is bad here in France. We are in June and it’s still raining like we are in november. Anyway this is an opportunity to record some sounds. I always have my hand recorder (soy pcm d50) next to me to capture some moments. I then put it on the windows and recorded the rain falling. Turn the volume up and close your eyes

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If you wanna know how a plane trip is. Check out this video. I made it in the plane back from holidays. I used my Iphone 6, filmed some moments. Put them together and made a little movie. I also made the music in 2 hours. it’s a kind of cool trip in the clouds

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