Ici et maintenant vol 2. Featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel

Last week we’ve recorded another episode of “Ici et maintenant” show featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel to discuss about the main and most important musics that made “demoscene history”.

Audiomonster speaks about his experience in the demoscene and videogame industry.

We took some of the most famous demoscene music to illustrate how music evolved and how musicians influenced the demos.

French only sorry.

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Demo in Paris Live – The interviews (Moonove, Chandra, Kaneel, Doug)

While the “Demo In Paris Live” event. Thomas Ledoux from an independant radio (Ici et maintenant 95.2FM in France) interviewed a few of us. Chandra and Me, Kaneel and Douglas in order to know a little bit more about the demoscene. What does it mean, how does it work…We also talked a little bit of history.

You can watch this interview in French Only for the moment.

Don’t pay attention to some sentences.

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Moonove – Live at the Batofar

I spent a really great night. I saw a lot of people. Including Chandra, Made, Skal, Senser… I had fun watching and Knos/Kaneel play their set. Alkama, for a first delivery in front of an audience really made the show and turned the audience really hot. I also discovered Ultrasyd Spintronic and who were really amazing and put the fire on.

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