Demo in paris 3 – Moonove live

I’ve been asked to play at the next event of the “demo in paris #3”. You can still have a look at the previous event which was in 2009. At this time i played a version of “demovibes” live. Willbe (unfortunately) wasn’t there so i made some fresh new “amiga” and “atari” music remixes.

For this new event i’ll make some new stuff and less demoscene oriented. For sure i’ll use some “chippy” sounds but most of the musics will be original (no remixes). I’ve also asked to some of my friends to play with me. Alkama will play some of his great “housey/minimal” music. Knos VS Kaneel  performance will mix some Kaneel’s idm music with the wonderful VJ’ing of Knos.

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Delta Remix

A few month ago i remixed a music named “delta” which was originally made by Rob hubbard. I originally put this music into some other remixes from great Atari tunes (SID Remixes vol 2).

A few months ago this music was on a CD and is now also hosted in some free music websites. A few weeks ago. LTR asked me if he could remix my music. I of course agreed (music in general for me have to be remixed, spread and shared).

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Evolution of music in the demoscene

2 years ago, for the “demo in paris” event i made a speech regarding the “evolution of music in the demoscene”. I made this speech in French and i never found time to make it in english.

I finally started this speech again in english this time. I’ve updated a lot of slides and added some informations in the whole presentation. This is almost finished. The slides are OK and i still have the speech to record. For fun, this is just a little teaser that i’ve uploaded on YouTube.

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French demoscene meeting

It’s been a long time for some of us that we had not seen them. Dr yes (One of the LTP organizers) was was in Paris this day, it gave us all an opportunity to meet again.

For those who are familiar with the demoscene you’ll recognize some of us ….

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Live at the State of the Arts 2002

I found this video on an old HD i was about to erase. It’s so funny to hear the music and wathcing me playing :).

I remember that i as using Logic Audio on PC. I was quite a nightmare because the VST were not really constant. While my rehersals my PC was crashing regularly. So, between every music i had to close the project, load another one and praying that everything goes well.

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