June events

2 main events in June.

I will be part of a meeting the 27th of June in Paris in a Radio Named “Agence Tout Geeks”.  The subject of this event is the demoscene and how it influenced the ‘Art’. I will also play live in the evening. The podcast will be available later. French Only.

I will also play live the 29th in Paris at the DemoJs. I will remix a few of the most famous C64/Amiga/Atari musics. It will be available here this week end.


Very hard – Sweet amiga music

Very Hard is a show about the hardware of computers and game consoles of yesteryear, co-produced by the channel Nolife and MO5.COM association. Every 15 days, our historians and experts to unearth you information about your favorite little known machines. Very hard, the program that speaks Hard while remaining soft!

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Ici et maintenant vol 2. Featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel

Last week we’ve recorded another episode of “Ici et maintenant” show featuring Audiomonster & Kaneel to discuss about the main and most important musics that made “demoscene history”.

Audiomonster speaks about his experience in the demoscene and videogame industry.

We took some of the most famous demoscene music to illustrate how music evolved and how musicians influenced the demos.

French only sorry.

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Mods anthology – Last copies – Do not miss

Who have never heard of mods anthology. The largest collection of music that is never released on the demoscene. This collection took Nicolas “Gryzor” Franck 7 years to put together. It is a 4-CD set, crammed full of music from the peak of the creativity that was the “tracker scene”. All the best composers from the tracking scene are here, presenting their complete works on this titanic collection. There are a total of 18,096 modules!!

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