Paranoimia remix

When i was a kid i first had an Atari 520 STf (yeah F is for single side floppy disk ;). I then had a 1040 and then an Amiga. It was in 1989 i think and i still perfectly remember how i listened to this music. I was in one of my school friends bedroom. Looking at some Amiga demos when he suddenly put this floppy and this music just went out of the computer.

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Djamm – Kool Groove

To be honest i’ve almost forgotten all the releases i made since early 90’s. I’ve been making music for all sorts of computers since then. Atari, Amiga, PC, Archimedes…

It’s always a really good surprise when i’m featured on a very interesting Youtube Channel which deep dives in the Demoscene archives :)

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Something is coming in October 2015.

We’ve been reunited for a last production. Me and other members of sunlikamelo-d¬†decided to make a last SLKMD production. It’s been almost 10 years we’ve been silent. Life and things have moved on. We’re now all old and wise ;).

Come back here soon for more informations.

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