Celebrating my 15 years of ‘computer music’

Let’s count

Yesterday while i was finishing some adjustments on my new little ep i was thinking about the years i’ve spent making music on my computer. I really cannot count the hours, days, months i’ve been in front of my Atari, my Amiga, my PC and now my Mac.

Hall of fame

I started in 91/92 on my Atari st using Megatizer. I kinda tracker made by ‘Madmax” a famous guy on Atari. I moved on protracker in 93. I first had an Atari STf. It may quite funny and ridicular today but the sound was only 11khz Stereo and the samples (.iff format) were all mono.

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French demoscene revival

Yesterday we had a cool dinner with some of the most famous amiga/pc french golden days sceners.

You may not recognize them all but you’ve heard about them for sure if you’ve been interested in Amiga/Pc scene.

Gandalf had been the lord and owner of the most famous BBS in france. Gengis, clawz, Titan and i were in BomB! (Check out pouet.net to understand what i mean when i say that they were part of the most famous french group).

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Demo in Paris – Video Report

This is the video from the Demo in Paris Event.

The music used is a sample from Demovibes 3 (which gonna be released very soon here). During this video you can hear my remix of Cyberotica (from my old pal Clawz from Origin demo) and Enigma (from the Enigma demo). If you’ve never met me you can see me for a long time in the middle of the video (the man with the black fleece).Notice that we i play live i’m definitly into it ;).

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53 / Disko EP

Hi dudes. I’d like to share with you my new release packed in a 4 tracks ep. Continuing in my oldschool and basic synths sounds mood. You may feel from time to time some influences from those demoscene classics.But after all you’ll feel the power of the beat driving you in different ways and difference directions.You’ll remember and feel those chip sounds that drew and build the lines of famous good’ol computers.This is the tracklisting :

  • Circuit travel
  • Disko
  • Hidden Keys
  • Power Off

Feel free to give me your feedback and so you very soon for another release.

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