Welcome on moonove.com. I make Electronic and Ambient music.



I’ve been searching for a place where i could share some of my best phone shots. Instagram looks perfect for me. I’m now on instagram. Feel free to pay me […]


Intense with you

Just released this music…. Aerial, sweet, soft, lush and fragile…. Until now i’ve received a lot of really positive feedbacks. Spread the word if you like it…


ES – Tracks – January the 25th

Updated : I’ve been invited to play live here at this private event. The place was amazing and he reigned such a creative atmosphere. Many designers were present to implement […]


ATG – The Podcast

Hey fellows. You may remember that i participated a few month ago to the ATG podcast. it’s now available. You can hear me discussing about the demoscene. Sorry it’s in […]


Demovibes live 4

Commando – Main theme Remix Delta remix V2 Turrican 2 – Level 1 remix Atari St Virtual Escape v2 Echoing remix     Download the mP3 versions of Demovibes 4 […]


June events

2 main events in June. I will be part of a meeting the 27th of June in Paris in a Radio Named “Agence Tout Geeks”.  The subject of this event […]

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