Ambientish’o’electro minimalistic

It’s raining outside

We are in June here in France and it’s just like we are in November. It’s been 30 years since it rained like that. In then at night when everybody sleeps, stay here, windows opened, listening to the rain falling. i’ve always loved recording nature sounds. This is an unlimited source of inspiration.

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Welcome back on moonove

Dear all, thanks for visiting me. It’s been a long since i’ve updated my website. I’l gonna try to update here more often. I have some big updates to make around here. First of all i have to create a page with all my previous releases. Come back here soon, some news will be available.

Plane sensations

Just back from holidays i captured some of the landscape from the window of the plane. I used my iphone 6. From the taking off to the landing i made a lot of pictures. This is a kind of a trip. Being in the clouds is a such wonderful experience. I made the music in a couple of hours to give this little video a special mood.

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